High Oil and Gas Prices Are Here to Stay

There’s one reason why: Current demand outstrips supply. Politicians, consumers, social media trolls all offer their analyses for why things have reached this point from the supposedly anti-energy policies of the Biden administration to the craven greed of oil companies. But the price pressure was building once the immediate economic hit of the coronavirus subsided […]

UK to ease entry requirements for Ukrainian refugees, says Priti Patel

The UK is to ease its rigid entry requirements for Ukrainian refugees, meaning those with passports can apply for entry online and only have to give biometric details when they are in the UK, Priti Patel has said. The home secretary’s announcement, responding to an urgent Commons question from her Labour shadow, Yvette Cooper, follows increasing criticism about the […]

Russia warns oil price will hit $300 if West bans imports

Western countries could face oil prices of over $300 per barrel and the possible closure of the main Russia-Germany gas pipeline if governments follow through on threats to cut energy supplies from Russia, a senior minister said on Monday. Oil prices spiked to their highest levels since 2008 on Monday after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington and […]

How South Korea’s new president could shake up the region

Seoul, South Korea (CNN)South Korea’s new president is taking power at a turbulent time for the country and the path he carves could shake up the region. Conservative Yoon Suk Yeol of the People Power Party secured the election by a razor-thin margin Wednesday, pulling ahead of rival Lee Jae-myung by less than one percentage point. Yoon is […]

Former Top Prosecutor Yoon Suk-Yeol Wins South Korean Presidency

Conservative opposition candidate Yoon Suk-yeol was elected South Korea’s new president following a heated election, raising questions about the future of Asia’s fourth-largest economy amid the global pandemic and U.S.-China tensions. Yoon, a prosecutor-turned-politician of the main opposition People Power Party, will replace the progressive Democratic Party’s outgoing President Moon Jae-in, whose single five-year term […]

The latest developments from Ukraine

Russia will soon be unable to pay its debts, according to a leading credit ratings agency. Fitch Ratings downgraded its view of the country’s government debt, warning a default is “imminent”. The move comes amid increasing international sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. A credit rating is intended to help investors understand the […]

Ukraine and Russia Fail to Make Progress in Talks to End War

Ukraine and Russia failed to make progress in halting the war and bridging the vast differences between them at the first high-level talks between their foreign ministers since the Russian invasion began. Russia indicated it will continue attacks until its goals are met, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said after the meeting lasting about 90 […]

3 Essential Healthy Skin Maintenance Tips

Your skin, being the largest organ of your body, performs the primary function of protecting it from various harmful elements it is exposed to daily. As you go through your routine each day, your skin takes care of defending your body from pollutants, bacteria, and other toxic substances present in the environment. Your skin’s condition […]