How to Use Tech to Improve Your Health

Technology has many benefits and uses but often gets a bad rep when it comes to health with the general perception being that technology is bad for our health because it causes us to spend too much time sitting down when we should be out walking, socialising or playing sports.

Some of that is true, but actually technology is not guilty of anything – it’s the way we use it that’s to answer for this.

And this is particularly true seeing as there are so many technologies out there designed specifically to help make us fitter and healthier. In fact you can seek out a variety of different gadgets and apps and find your health improves significantly as a result. Read on and we’ll look at how you would potentially go about improving your health entirely through the use of technology…

Get a Wii

One of the big challenges when it comes to staying in shape is that it requires you to spend hours performing monotonous movements that use up energy and that are no fun for anyone. The solution is to make exercise fun and a great way to do that is by buying a Nintendo Wii. These are very cheap now that the Wii U is out but they’re still hard to beat when it comes to finding fun ways to stay in shape. There are plenty of games here to appeal to any taste, most of which involve flailing your arms around like mad and burning a ton of calories in the process.

Get Hands Free

Another argument people make as to why they can’t keep up a training program is that they have no time for exercise. The solution then is to multitask and a great way to do that is by buying a hands-free kit for your phone. There’s no avoiding making certain calls or staying in touch with friends and relatives so this is time you’re already using up. If you do these things with a hands-free kit though then you can go for a walk or perhaps even ride a stationary bike and meanwhile be burning calories and/or getting some fresh air.

Brain Training

Brain health is just as important as health for your body, so why not get some exercise for it using a number of different apps and programs? In fact almost any computer game has been shown to have immense benefits for our brain function, but if you want something more specifically aimed at that purpose you can try a site like BrainHQ or Luminosity.

Digital Repellents

A digital insect repellent works by emitting a high pitched noise that is too high frequency for humans to hear but which insects and rodents hate. This is enough to drive most of them away out of your home and means that you aren’t releasing any nasty fumes that can upset your pets. It won’t work for all forms of pest control, if you have a termite infestation for instance you’re still going to need professional termite treatment – but it can be a useful preventative measure against certain other pests.

Infrared Sauna

There are all kinds of gadgets you can now get for your home that will give you countless health benefits. One great example is an infrared sauna that will help you to relax and combat stress while at the same time sweating out toxins, relaxing your muscles and clearing your sinuses.

Another example of a similar piece of technology that will help you to relax and detox is a hot tub which can relax you with warm water and bubbles. Or for something a little smaller and less invasive you could get a massage chair that will give you a backrub whenever you feel like you want one.


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