How You Can Create the Best Environment For Your Child’s Development

A positive environment for learning and child development is crucial for the mental and physical development of children in any home or school setting. A positive learning environment not only contains physical settings but also shows how a child responds or feels to the school or home setting.

There are several ways families and educators can create an environment for children helpful for a child’s development and learning.

Let’s check them out.

Reduce clutter in the children’s environment

It is very necessary for you to make sure that there is orderliness in the child’s environment because it will be helpful for their learning. A clutter-free environment will surely help children concentrate and focus better and learn new things. An unorganized or cluttered room can be very distracting, which may hinder learning. Well designed and organized home space and schools are very helpful in enhancing the learning capabilities of children. If you live near the Bang Na district in Bangkok, then here is good news for you.

An international school is opening next year in August 2020 in Bangkok. It is specially designed for children to improve their learning by providing them a nurturing environment. It has a student-centered approach to teaching and helps provide a safe and secure place for promoting expression. It is an innovative school intended to enhance the creativity and learning capabilities of students, so they are ready to tackle life’s problems. This American school near Mega Bang Na in Bangkok is specially designed to create the next generation of global problem solvers.

Comfort in the surroundings

Your child’s environment should include comfortable furniture, optimum temperature and a high aesthetic appeal of the room.

This eliminates of all the “anchors” that could be hindering your child’s expression, so with no weight holding your child down, they should have no problem expressing what they think, feel, and are.

You should decorate surroundings with educational and visually appealing posters as a source of constant inspiration so that they can help stimulate a positive learning environment.

Your child’s safety

Safety should be a prime concern when it comes to creating your child’s development. This includes removing any potential health hazards, allergens and environmental childproofing as much as possible.

It has been shown that when children don’t feel safe; they face more difficulty learning new things. Therefore, safety and the health of the children should be in your prime priority to ease your children of anymore potential “anchors”.

Encourage child and environment interaction

You should encourage children to showcase their accomplishments and artworks.

This may be by getting them to post their artworks on the wall, getting them to write about their work, or having them explain their work while you record them.

This will make them feel proud of the work they’ve done, and will encourage them to continually express themselves.

Praise children

It is very important for educators and parents to give positive feedback and reinforcement to children. It motivates and encourages them to keep going when they make mistakes, and will help them to see mistakes as a learning experience rather than a confidence killer.

Teach them discipline

Making rules and instructions of conduct while playtime and learning are very important. These rules and instructions should also include probable consequences, so they begin to separate right from wrong – an important skill needed in society.


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