Make Your Wedding Legendary

Weddings are an interesting subject, aren’t they? Only the bride and groom know how special the feeling is when organizing their wedding arrangements, it’s all about the lead up and the big day itself. If you are already married then, of course you try to help your friends and family have a special day too when the time comes, but it just isn’t the same. If you are not married or planning to be, then weddings can feel like a bit of an awkward affair, although it could be a chance to meet someone new.

Just the two of you

Unfortunately, people getting married have to think of a whole heap of things, much more than most people have the time and or patience for. If you put a plan together then you will stand the best chance possible of things going smoothly, if you wing it, the chances are you’ll end up more stressed.

It would be interesting to know if there was a time that weddings were about the couple getting married, was there a shift in expectations at some point? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, your day is your day, naturally you will have guests but guests are, well, guests?

Choosing a venue

In today’s world, guests can be a bit demanding as we see with brides running around frantically trying to please everybody, sometimes forgetting to actually enjoy the event themselves. Guests are invited, to your occasion, if everything was their choice then it would be their occasion and you would be a guest. Therefor choose things that you want. The venue is usually what people will remember first when looking back on the day, everything else ‘apart from the food’ can be a bit trivial.

Make sure you go for a venue with bags of character, there are a couple of really special wedding venues in Sydney, you will want staff with loads of experience so they can help make sure things go well and somewhere that offers package services, there are a growing number of venues now that cater for pretty much all of your wedding needs, leaving you not much else to think about apart from each other, as it should be.

Have fun

Most of all, have fun, wedding can be really stressful and they really needn’t be as long as you manage people’s expectations from the start, others can get more carried away than the two of you so be prepared. Make sure the event is fun and most importantly, that everything is just how you want it.