What is the Ideal Starter Motorcycle?

This is a question that many Australian parents ask, as their teenage kids finally reach the age when they can ride a bike and in this short article, we will offer you some good advice about the various styles of starter bikes and the benefits of each.

The Sports Bike

If your son is into the MotoGP and the road racing scene, this would be his ideal choice; a 125cc sports bike is an excellent starter bike, with limited power and superb handling. Of course, along with the bike should come a course on basic riding skills, which will teach your son or daughter how to control the bike on a range of services. A few years riding a starter bike and they will be ready for a 250-350cc machine that has a lot more power.

The Off-Road Bike

As far as value for money, the new Rieju MR Ranger 300 beats all the competition hands down and the off-road experience is something else! This is the machine that Australian farmers prefer; powerful, responsive and reliable, plus it looks really cool and has all the hi-tech features you’d expect from a 2021 machine.

The Street Bike

The naked Japanese look is all the rage and Yamaha lead the way with these stylish bikes; great for urban riding, with a more upright sitting position than the sports style. You either love or hate the mean street look, but many teenagers opt for this chic and responsive style, which does look super-cool.

The Right Gear

If you are going to let your son or daughter loose on a bike, they need the right clothing and protective gear, namely:

  • Quality crash helmet
  • Leather motorcycle jacket
  • Leather riding pants
  • Quality motorcycle gloves and boots

This is quite an investment, yet it is a one-off purchase if you look after the items, which will offer the best protection in the event of a tumble. Enrol your child in a basic bike riding class and this will help them to acquire the basic skills to control the bike in all conditions. It does feel weird to give your offspring that much freedom but we have to learn to let go and with some professional instruction and the right protective gear, they will quickly become a safe rider.

This is a milestone in a young adult’s life and if approached sensibly, bike riding is both safe and enjoyable.