What Does an Executive Consultant Do? Exploring the Role With Kevin Modany.

As an experienced executive consultant with nearly a decade of industry experience, Kevin Modany has seen the world change and grow in front of him. From COVID-19 to the rapid onset of digital adoption, there have been major market changes that have forced businesses to adapt or be forced to fall entirely behind.

As a professional and experienced executive consultant and a Certified Public Accountant, Kevin Modany offers a rounded skillset in support of his clients as he helps them navigate often tumultuous and multidimensional issues.

Let’s look into the role of an executive consultant to learn better what they do, why they are important, and how people like Kevin Modany are integral to ongoing business success.

Meet Your Executive Consultant

An executive consultant is an experienced professional who is equipped with a well-rounded toolset of skills that can be used to meet the needs and overcome the problems that businesses may face. These experts work closely with CEOs as well as other senior executives to make quick-thinking decisions that improve operational efficiencies, finances, or strategic outcomes.

An executive consultant requires a great variety of skills, but Kevin Modany suggests that superb communication is far and away the most important tool in a consultant’s toolbelt. Executive consultants will work on short-term and long-term assignments depending on the needs of the company.

Kevin Modany suggests that executive consultancy will become an increasingly important field as 21st Century Challenges and trends continue to leave businesses looking for a leg-up against the competition.

Skillset of an Executive Consultant

As touched on above, Kevin Modany stresses the importance of having a multidimensional skillet that can be adapted to meet the needs of businesses in the 21st century. Kevin Modany suggests that there is a difference between soft and hard skills but that both are important.

Here are a few key areas where strategic executive consultants need to be prepared to meet potential challenges:

  • Analytical Skills – The ability to objectively analyze a problem before finding a targeted solution requires analytical skills that have been honed and sharpened. Modany uses his analytical skills to identify strengths and weaknesses while devising better outcomes.
  • Financial Analysis – You aren’t going to succeed anywhere without financial skills, and executive consultants are no exception. Consultants look beyond the numbers to understand the challenges lying beneath.
  • Data-Driven Decisions – Executive consultants must be able to read data and interpret it appropriately, finding trends and analyzing data sets along the way until they find real solutions.

Kevin Modany says of his work, “There’s a plethora of data. People are collecting more and more of it. I think it requires that we prioritize and we make sure that we’re focused on the right set of data.”


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