6 Simple Tips to Give Your Photobook a Professional Look

Creating a photobook can be simple even without the skills of a graphic designer or an art director. All you need is an easy-to-navigate creator tool with the necessary features, such as pre-designed layouts to help you design the best photo book that stands out from the crowd. This will make creating a photo book more fun and not complicated, and you can enjoy telling your story through your favorite photos. Additionally, here are some design tips to help you create a professional-looking photo book. Have a look.

Format Your Book Carefully

It will be crucial for you to pick a format before creating your photobook, and you have to ensure you pick only the best format. Note that a large landscape is common and works for most photobooks as it provides plenty of space. But if you are more of a portrait person, you can opt for a large portrait book. Remember that the larger the book, the more opportunity you have to show off your beautiful photos without having to crowd the photos. Besides, depending on the specific photos you choose to use, you might want to use portrait format to show off photos of people better.

Double Page Spreads are Better

If you want to get a professional look when designing your photobook, do not be afraid of printing photos across two pages, especially landscape format. A double-page spread not only makes your book look stunning, but it also makes your photos look better, and you can showcase even the small details in the images. In most cases, it is better to choose lay-flat pages to enable printing without interruptions.

Go for a Photobook Series

If you find out that you have so many good photos that can not fit in one book, you might want to create a photo book series. Ensure that every photobook has a different but related theme but ensure you maintain the aesthetics. This makes your books look cohesive in your home.

White Space is Important

When adding photos to your template, do not be afraid of the white space. While most graphic designers utilize white space, you should also love it as it makes things look fresh. So beat the feeling of covering every page and utilize the white space and borders around the photos. Everything will look better, and your book will definitely look professional.

Pay Attention to Colors

Colors are vital in making your photobook look professional. How you combine colors in your book will significantly affect the appearance of your book, and it would be good to coordinate similar colors. Also, contrast hues on every page and try to be aware of the different color palettes on each spread. Blending the colors will make your photos look better and the page outstanding, giving your book a professional look.

Only Use Your Best Photos

Take enough time to review your images before uploading them to the creator tool you choose. This will help you sort out only the best photos from your many good photos that cannot fit in one book. While it is tempting to print most photos, you should overcome them as it could only make things messy. Also, choose photos with high resolution to minimize any chances of blurring when you print.

With Mixbook, you can create professional-looking photobooks as it is easy to use and you can choose ready professionally designed templates to customize. All you have to do is play around with editing until you are satisfied. But if you do not have the time, you can do the easy task of choosing the templates and designs, uploading photos, and leaving the hard work to the experts.


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