Choosing an Engagement Ring to Match Your Partner’s Personality

You’re ready to pop the question and just need that perfect ring to seal the deal. If you want to make moments that will last forever in her memory, you need to put thought into which design reflects what makes her special.

Here, we’ve explored a selection of popular and quirky choices to help you pick a style that matches your partner’s personality.

The bubbly bling queen

Are your partner energetic, outgoing and always the life and soul of the party? Then she needs a ring that sparkles just as much as she does.

For a girl who loves bling, opt for a round brilliant stone — they’re probably the sparkliest ones you can get. The way this stone is cut makes it shine like no other, which is bound to catch attention, and there are lots of designer engagement rings like it available that can make your choice stand out.

The elegant bride-to-be 

If your partner has an understated style with a strong but demure personality, the marquise ring is perfect for her.

A marquise cut stone is shaped like an eye (tapered at the top and bottom), which helps elongate the fingers and looks simple yet stunning. Not often chosen as an engagement ring, this is ideal if your partner is a uniquely sophisticated lady with a chic outlook on style.

The creative diva

Your engagement ring of choice has to make a statement if the recipient of it has a quirky personality and loves to stand out.

You could go for something custom-made or simply opt for a colored gemstone over a traditional clear diamond. Rubies have that pop of passion, while sapphires are bold and on-trend, and amethysts have the true ‘wow factor’ if paired with a rose gold band.

The strong and confident goddess 

An emerald cut diamond has layered corners and long facets that highlight clarity the best out of all stone shapes. Renowned for its boldness and sophistication, it matches a woman who exudes the same traits.

Is she hardworking, straightforward and takes no-nonsense? Then this stunning design with its eye-catching step-facets is the striking choice for her.

The traditional lady 

Is she a traditionalist who loves old Hollywood movies, classic fashion and is a real family-person? If she is, stick with this theme when it comes to her engagement jewelry.

A classic style is a solitaire ring with a simple, oval stone. This has an effortlessly timeless appeal and goes perfectly with a platinum metal band.

The forever romantic 

If your partner has a sweet disposition, loves a rom-com and embodies a strong feminine style, perhaps a heart cut ring is for her.

You can get these sparkly stones in a variety of settings and they certainly add a modern twist to the traditional engagement ring design – ideal for ladies who live for romance.

The retro dame 

Is your partner really into vintage styles? Then an Asscher cut ring is for her.

Distinctive and bold, this stone harks back to the early 20th century with a stunning Art Deco look that features a square shape with trimmed corners. Asscher cuts are a great way to go if your partner has a self-assured, strong-willed and organized personality.

Now you’re clued up on what type of ring reflects your partner best.


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