Limelight on History of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

It is a known fact in the history of minted dollars that the journey of minting silver dollars in the US started in the year 1794 and ended in 1935. Experienced coin dealers and collectors mark the aura of silver dollars as the finest period of US dollars.

The story of silver dollar of US started when the colonies of British rule ended and all the regions formed the United States. In earlier days, it was a common way of minting currency using precious metals. Hence, silver dollar came into existence. The dollars were given the name in accordance to the design printed on it. There were many popular silver dollars like the Morgan and Peace silver dollar.

General info on both kinds of silver dollars:

  • Morgan silver dollar: This awesome looking silver dollar came into existence after the acceptance of Bland Alison act of 1878. According to the act, the treasury of the State needs to use two to four billion worth of silver every month as for the currency usage. The name of the coin was initiated to remember its designer George Morgan. The observing side of coin has the image of Lady Liberty in profile. However, the face features the likeness of Anna Willess, a well-known person who was known to Morgan’s daughter. The other images featured are U.S motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and the year the coin was minted. Along with that thirty-five-pointed stars are printed to represent the colonies.
  • Peace silver dollar: The shining and beautifully designed silver dollar was minted for the first time in the ending months of the year 1921 in U.S. It was named Peace dollar to mark the victorious end of World War l. After visualizing various designs of known and popular coin designer’s work, the design of unpopular artist named Antony De Francisci design was finally chosen for this new silver dollar.

The face of the coin shows Liberty with radiant crown and hair billowing featuring like Sun arising with its full glow. It seems like beginning of a new era. The reverse side has a gigantic eagle at rest carrying an olive branch and perched in front of sunburst is portrayed. The printed part has the country name, its motto, the value of the coin and the mint mark.

Both the silver dollar is found in almost all coin collectors’ treasure, thus still its value remains high in silver coin selling market.


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