Finding The Best Bangkok Condo For You To Rent

If you are looking to move to Bangkok and want a condo to rent, you are spoilt for choice with the vast array of different available properties. Here are an estimated 100,000 plus condos available in Bangkok, which makes it a buyers’ market. With so much choice available though, there are still vital factors to consider before making your decision, and you can see some of these below to help you start the process of finding the perfect condo to live in when you move to Bangkok.

A New Or Old Condo?

As well as being able to find a new condo for rent in Bangkok, there is also a wide and varied choice of second-hand units available. You will find that the older units can be cheaper, but you will need to look at the building carefully to ensure that there are no significant defects. Older buildings tend to crack, and the maintenance of the public areas can also become neglected, so it is sometimes a better idea to choose a newer unit so you can ensure the quality of the building.

Choose The Location Carefully

It is also a good idea to pay attention to the location of your condo that you are going to rent and look at maps of the city. The closer to the city centre you are, the higher the price is, so you can often save a lot of money, or get a substantially bigger property, the further away from the city centre you live. If you are going to be working, you will want to stay close enough to work so that your commute is manageable. One way to do this is if you can find something within your budget near to the MRT Underground or BTS Skytrain systems, or you could also consider getting a car or motorbike.

Use A Real Estate Agent

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort trying to find the perfect condo to rent if you use the services of a real estate agent. You can list all your requirements such as pool, gym, close to the transport links, and also your budget, and they will be able to help you find the perfect unit for you to rent. You will not have to pay for these services as the landlord pays the rental agent a commission, and if your agent does not have anything suitable, they will most likely know somebody who does.

No matter what your budget is or what requirements you have for a condo, there are plenty of choices available. You will most likely not even have to compromise any of your needs, and with a bit of research, looking around, and speaking to agents, you can soon find your perfect condo and start living your new life in Bangkok.


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