Graphic Design as a Career and List of Design Companies in Singapore that hires Freshers

A bright future of Graphic Design

We are well aware of the trend graphic designing is going through. The career has its new high, and in few years, it will become more in-demand. The future in graphic design is brighter than any other career. Students are looking to make it their career path.

To study graphics, you need a bachelor’s degree in the course from a known college. The program will make you learn the basics and practical skills of designing. Once you have gained the knowledge and skills, the time is to apply those skills in the right direction. Several graphic design companies offer jobs to freshers. We will let you choose the best for you.

Graphic Designer hiring

Some famous list of designs companies in Singapore that are looking for freshers that fit their role as a graphic designer are:

  • B2K Pet Products – with 2k-2.5k per month, the company gives a positive environment. It gives immediate joining with 5 days work in a week.
  • School Plus – the education industry with a higher job satisfaction gives a start-up culture.
  • Print Orient – you have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment. With a monthly salary of 1.7k-2.6, you get a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills.

These companies provide a career in designing and give you the best environment for your growth as an individual.


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